TOWN[edit | edit source]

The town is the busiest part of Juveria. Often going there will you see merchants yelling out what they are selling, children running past and romping around, lovebirds chatting and walking together, and overall animals having fun!

Town is also busy because it contains many shops, such as the Pet Store, and the Pizzaria. It's also the main enterance to the park. And schools, fire departments, and a few doctors offices are here.

So, while your here, why not go shopping? Or say hello to fellow Juverians. The shops here are:

The Pet Store

The Market

The All-Drop Clothes and Accessories Shop

The Pizzaria

The Weaponry Corner

The Pink Salon

Remember to smart shop!

There is also Bruno, the dog who helps unemployed animals find jobs. To go to Bruno's home, go to 4013 Fredrickson Drive. It's his office/home. And do not be surprised if it is a dog house.

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