The Story of Juveria[edit | edit source]

Greetings, young journier. I am PuppyGirl, an animal with the ability to shape-shift (I can turn into a human but I choose not to).

You might wonder how Juveria got this way. Well, it was a sad and intense story, but if you truly wish to know, here it is:

Juveria was once a peaceful and joyous land, where animals and creatures of all kinds roamed free. The land was reigned by a kindly king and his young daughter, Princess Roiestta. Both were lions, and the king's burning mane and long scar reminded the Juverians how much he went to protect the land and would not let anything harm it.

That was, until they came.

The acient Juverians called them but one thing: Shadow Goblins.

A swarm of them rampaged through the land, harming all the animals and making a beeline for the castle, where the king and princess lived.

There were billions, and I mean billions of those things. But one large swoop of darkness flew over them. It was told he seemed nothing but a large wisp of darkness, with a top had and trench coat, and gleaming red eyes. Although his name was never revealed, all the Juverians knew him as The Shadow. The Shadow and his army of goblins broke into the castle, right where the king and princess stood. The king yelled for his daughter to run and he tried to fight the fiends, but he was of no use, for they so ruthessly killed him.

The princess, frightened by the shadows and heartbroken over her father's death, escaped from the castle and ran away. No one had heard from her since.

With the king and princess gone, The Shadow took it as an opprotunity to steal the throne, so he did. To this day he reigns of terror, leaving all Juverians and fear.

Will you be able to stop this madness? The story continues with each adventure. One day The Shadow will be down on his knees, and soon dead...and the peace in the land restored hopefully. But it all begins with one user.

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