Hey darling, welcome to the Pink Salon! Your probably here because you need a new look, your feathers need a trim, your scales need a wax, or your fur needs doing. No problem, we got 'cha all covered! Now, we charge 12 gold coins per do, and that's for anything you need, such as a scale shine, a fur wash and comb, feather fluffing, anything! If your gonna be saving people you need to keep yourself well-kempt, or your fur will mat or your feathers will shed off and you'll be in no good shape!

If you want one, just sit on the chair and we'll do the rest!

When we're done, just leave an electric bill saying what we did for you and leave the amount of gold coins (12 unless we're having a discount or your getting multiple things done) and remember to put that on your Currency Log!

Thanks and have a great day!

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