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The Sweet Meadow is a large, beautiful meadow, but this is a meadow like none other. How? Because everything there is edible; its made from candy and sweets!

The grass is actually tall green cookies, instead of flowers lollipops spring up and around, the trees bear candy, there is a chocolate pool, well, overall everything is super sweet!

Visitors to the Sweet Meadow are asked to limit the amount of sweets they take in to maintain their health and so everyone else can share as well. But there is always enough to go around.

Well, there was. You'll find yourself lucky getting a piece of sweets, for the Goblins have run and snatched a lot of the goodies, gobbling them down and eating as much as their horrid stomachs can hold. Although more sweets sprout upon eating it, they eat so fast that they don't have time to sprout!

But if you are able to catch a lollipop or gumdrop, savor the taste, for it is wonderful. This is a magical and beautiful area.