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This isn't exactly a valley, for the main point is a tall hill, but Royal Valley is the name of the entire area. Before the Shadow's arrival, this was where the king and princess, with their royal team, lived. It was once a beautiful area: lush grass, flowers of all colors sprouted around, a beautiful stream flowing through, and a palace ontop the tall hill. The hill is the highest point in Juveria; the only place that's really safe from the volcano .

However, now this is the most dangerous place, even more dangerous than Mt. Smokeyeye. The Shadows took over this land, killing all the crops, driving the royal dwellers away and killing the king, tearing down the palace and rebuilding one specifically for The Shadow, turning the once beautiful area into a dark, loomy area.

If an unwanted Juverian sets paw, foot, or talon on the land, they will regret it.

It's a sad site to see, but hopefully one day we can overthrow the Shadows and bring back the beauty that once thrived there, and free all Juverians.