PuppyGirl[edit | edit source]

Melissa Greenwood--also known as PuppyGirl--was a baby when the Shadows took over. She'd been abandoned by her parents days after her birth, and learned to live a solitary life. However, she was attacked by Shadows, and fought them off. From that day on she rebelled and fought against them, and protected the Juverians. She studied the Goblins, and learned much about them, but there is still a lot to learn. She's only thirteen but most do not know her age, and think of her to be older. She knows almost everything there is to know about the land of Juveria, and is working on a way to defeat The Shadow's reign and free the fellow Juverians, but she knows she cannot do this alone. Many know her as Master, for her combat skills, shape-shifting abilities, ability to heal, and heart. She teaches Warriors and trains them, making them into fellow Guiders as well.

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