A fun area for summer joy and a main target for littering, the Golden Beach is a popular area for Juverians. It's a long beach, and the waves of theCrystal Ocean crash against the shore. Young Juverians love running up and down the bay, sticking their paws in the cool water and padding through. Others may prefer builiding sandcastles, and their parents can enjoy watching them and basking in the sun.

However, Goblins often use it as a littering site, tossing their trash and waste and polluting the ground, making it hard for the animals to play safe, and destroying certain animal's homes.

Some Juverians have tried to say against it, but they cannot do anything with the Goblins and their horrible magic, often being cursed or hurt for saying such. They must learn to work around the trash or pick it up themselves.

The Golden Beach over time has turned into a dirty landfill, however it does not stop the kind-hearted Juverians to picking up trash and working around it.

Who knows, maybe you might get a quest to fix this? Hmmm.

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